Soft Chocolate & Raspberry Tart (TWD)

March 16, 2010 – Comments (12)

This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe for Soft Chocolate and Raspberry Tart was one that I was really looking forward to making after reading Dorie’s delectable introduction:

“After this tart hs baked and cooled just a little, the chocolate filling takes on the lovable characteristics of pudding, becoming soft and creamy and seductively slithery, and the flavor of the berries intensifies.”

I wasn’t thrilled by how the tart looked out of the oven. I used an 8″x11″ rectangular tart pan, and the filling didn’t quite cover the raspberries, so these raspberry nubs poked through the top.

As Dorie described, the filling was soft and and velvety smooth, but the tart held it’s shape as it was cut. The crust is Dorie’s Sweet Tart Dough w. Nuts, and flaky texture was a fantastic contrast to the soft filling.

Looking at this tart, you would assume this to be sweet, rich and filling right? Actually, the chocolate filling was subtly sweet, and it did not overpower the the flavor of the raspberries.

With a dollop of lightly sweetened whipped cream and additional berries, this tart is a perfect sweet ending that doesn’t send you into a food coma.

I loved this tart! I’m looking forward to making this again in a smaller pan and experimenting with a different fruit – I think cherries are calling my name.

For the complete recipe, please visit Rachelle’s blog Mommy? I’m Hungry. Also, join me in checking out the TWD blogroll, as I’m curious to see how everyone’s tarts turned out….all delicious, I’m sure!

12 Responses to Soft Chocolate & Raspberry Tart (TWD)

  1. Cristine says:

    Your tart looks delicious!

  2. CB says:

    I feel the same way! I'm thinking cherries for the next one. Personally I love that your raspberries are peeking through. Just a little hint of what ppl will be tasting when they bite into it! I think I need to get myself a rectangular tart pan. I'm lusting after all the rectangle tarts in the blogosphere today!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Your tart looks absolutely amazing! Even with the nubs poking through!

  4. Spike says:

    Looks great- I also loved that the chocolate didn't overpower the raspberries.

  5. Nichi says:

    Yours looks yummy, with the raspberries all perfectly perfect.

  6. Snooky doodle says:

    wow this looks delicious!! I m craving it now!

  7. Nickki says:

    Your tart looks so good. I loved this recipe. I agree with you – I don't think it was too sweet, it just had a nice balance of flavours.

  8. Carol Peterman says:

    Rectangle tarts look extra fancy to me! I used dried cherries and it was great.

  9. Tracey says:

    I love the way your raspberries look – very symmetrical! :) I had to skip the raspberries because they were too expensive but the tart was still tasty with just chocolate.

  10. Ingrid says:

    I've already mentioned to my Mom that I would make her this tart. She adores anything raspberry and your comment about the chocolate not overpowering the raspberry makes this even more appealing.

  11. grace says:

    lovely tart. i'm glad to see that yours has a bit of substance and isn't just a pile of chocolate goo. not that that would be bad, mind you, just different. :)

  12. Anne says:

    Oh I love straight edged tarts and I think your tart looks gorgeous with the raspberries showing! Yum!

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